Ricketts Glenn State Park

Last weekend, I finally made the trip to Ricketts Glenn State Park near Wilkes Barre, Pa. The only disappointment I can say about the trip is, I put it off far too long. If you have never been Ricketts Glenn, I highly recommend you take the time to visit and enjoy the park and the amazing waterfalls. They have 22 waterfalls which vary in height from 11 feet to 94 feet. The 94 foot waterfall is, breath-taking as it cascades down the mountain over “steps” carved into the mountain. Then you have the water flowing over boulders as it meanders its way from one waterfall to the next. There are many photo opportunities to take advantage of. The sign at the top of the mountain suggest you should be in good physical health if you plan on trekking down either path, there are two paths, one path for each of the streams which finally merge at the bottom of the mountain. Both paths have waterfalls. The path that includes the 94 foot waterfall is by far the more challenging; the trail is less groomed and has some difficult steps. A suggestion, if you have two cars, park one at the bottom of the mountain and the other at the top. By doing this, you will only need to walk down the mountain and not back up the mountain. The Falls Trail is 7.2 miles, which includes both paths. You should plan on at least 2 days to give justice to the beauty of the falls. Again, take the time to visit, you will not be disappointed, but you will be tired from the hike. This is a photo from the weekend, I will have many more on my zenfolio page, http://wegorton.zenfolio.com/.


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