Photography by Bill Gorton

Welcome to my photoblog.  I hope to post new pictures quite often, so please keep coming back every few days to see what’s new.  Most of my photographs are taken in DELMARVA and the surrounding area.  Beaches, wetlands and animals found there are the usual subjects for my photos.  Lately, I have been looking at other subjects in the area to include land marks and anything that strikes my interest.  Ever so often I get away from the coast (and out of Delaware) so other subjects will be posted.  Photos can be found through exploring archives or by using the SEARCH option, just enter a topic such as ‘heron’ or ’sunsets’ and the photos should come up for you.  The photos seen on these pages can be purchased.  Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave a comment about my photographs and come back to take a look often.  If you are interested in buying a print of any photograph on my site please email me at:


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  1. Just wondering if your going to post or show those surfing pictures you took.

  2. Hi Bill, I’m Mike Dobson, sometime resident of Brive (rest of the time in Oxford) and member of the little church here. We’re really grateful for the photos you sent for our exhibition, and have enjoyed showing them to our visitors. Jon, Aaron & Ben have been working hard and we’re enjoying their visit.
    If you can let me have your email, I’ll sent you an interior shot of the expo.
    I hope your wife is recovering from her illness. Youre always welcome here. When the boys show you their photos of the region i think you’ll want to come.
    Best wishes
    Mike (Dobson)


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