New Photos on my Web

I have added two new photos to my Zenfolio webpage. You can see a new photo of a Hummingbird and a Giant river Otter. The River Otter was taken while staying at the Napo Lodge in the Ecuador Amazon Basin and the Hummingbird was taken while staying in the Cloud Forrest. One at less 200 ft above sea level and the other at 9000 ft above sea level. This is the URL for the photos in the Ecuador


Creative thinking through visual problem solving

This morning over coffee I stumbled across a great article at a blog that I have just become a great fan of. Recommend reading the article which is at this URL The author discusses ways to improve visual problem solving… It brings to light ways to help improve your visual creative thinking when you are shooting a subject. Add that to a piece of advice, don’t take the camera out of the bag quickly and after shooting your subject review the image and ask your self what else coud I do to make a better photo, given recently by a guest speaker at our local camera club, about sums it up. This should give you something to think about, and help you get your creative thinking and visual thoughts going.

It finally happened, camera failure on a long trip!

It finally happened! Everything you read says, on a long photo trip or a workshop take a backup camera body with you. It all sounds good but many times, I don’t take one. Well on the Ecuador trip I decided to pack that backup body, my 5D. My primary body is 5DMii. While on the trip one of my friends was experiencing issues with focusing their camera, I lent them my backup camera body. After shooting a little over 70 photos the mirror fell off of the 5D, my 5d. Needless to say, they felt very bad about my camera, it took some time to convince them they did nothing wrong and that it was a canon problem. Now I need to call canon to arrange shipping the camera back to them for repairs. Good news is the issue of the mirror falling off is well documented and is a free repair by canon. For those that experience this problem, there is a canon service notice out on the problem with the following contact information:
Contact Information for Inquiries
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Customer Support Center
Toll Free: 1-800-652-2666

Where have I been? Traveling to Ecuador!!!!

Not many entries over the last month or so, this is a result of a trip to Ecuador with Nate Chappell of TROGON TOURS. I took a 14 day workshop with two friends from our camera club (Coastal Camera Club), our goal was to photograph mammals and birds in the Amazon Basin and the Cloud Forrest in Ecuador.  The trip was a success, many great photos,  check  for a few of the photos.  There is no question, if you can take a trip to that part of the world, take it.  I can’t say enough of Nate’s knowledge of the area and his knowledge of the birds in Ecuador, outstanding. The hummingbirds photo opportunities are increditable.  Traveling to a country like Ecuador will present some challenges but worth the effort. In the 14 days, I shoot 3774 photos.  Upon return, I deleted a little over 1200 photos and have narrow the remaing photos down to a little over 210 photos.  All worthy of posting and photos contest, our camera club has a monthly contest.  All in all a great trip and time with the other two amigos and Nate.


As I was looking at the blog contents and my Zenfolio page I realized that I had not included an images of the trip to Iceland in Nov…. you can check out the images on my blog, address is

A little about our trip to Iceland.  We originally went to shoot the Northern Lights.  Everybody talks about seeing them so why not.  So a number of us from the Camera Club book a trip to get our taste of the spectacular Northern Lights.  Well what we did not know,  is that at times it is impossible to see them due to the weather, overcast is the issue.  Well, we spend six nights searching for clear skies, not to be found on that trip.  However, we had the opportunity to see some of the country side, walk on a Glacier and enjoy the people of Iceland.  Would I recommend going in the winter to shoot the Northern Lights, sure give it a go, but luck is what luck is, sometime your lucky and sometime you’re not.  I would like to return in the summer, the landscape looks beautiful and it would be a pleasure to make summer trip.  The people of Iceland are gracious and make the trip.

New Year Day + 1

House guest have departed, glad they came and we were able to celebrate the New Years with them and some of our other friends and family.


I have a new iPad 2, thanks to Kay that I have installed an Application called Zite.  Zite is an online magazine that allows you to build topics that you are most interested in.  Of the seven sections, I have one in Photography, Digital Photography, HDR and Photoshop.  The application builds a series of article on each of the subjects/sections.  You can get some very interesting blogs, web sites, and online publications.  There is a wealth of information in each of the sections, some that is useful and some this is not as useful.  An example of a useful website and the contents is one by Cynthia Louden.  She has a eBook that can be downloaded for free titled “How Did I do that?”  This goes into a lot of details on applications for the iPhone and iPad on post processing of images take by either of the devices.  It is a step by step of what and how she “makes’ her images.  This is an example of what is out there, free and can be very useful in improving one craft as a photographer.


I read an article; one of many within Zite that said you should take every opportunity to see what your peers are doing and how they do it.  We are very fortunate that most if not all of our peers share their experiences and methods in our hobby and/or profession.  I read so much on specific topics and across the diverse field of photography. I enjoy the “free” data as well as purchase material that is worthy of purchasing, an example, I have 6 different books on HDR.  To be honest, about 80% is repeated across those books, but it is the nugget you are looking for that will enhance you skills that enjoy digging out of the books.


I was out scouting opportunities for the Theme of the Week, Store Fronts.  I’m nursing a cold but hopefully I can get out tomorrow and take some pictures for this week’s image.

Beginning of the New Year, 2012

Spent the day celebrating with friends and reviewing photography applications for the iPad.  Downloaded a couple of. Aps for processing images on the iPad and iPhone.  I’m expecting to do more photography with both devices than originally thought I would.  However, I’m not ready to move to those devices at the expense of the DSLR. Tomorrow I can get out and shoot images for the first week themes.