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Snowy Egret

Taken in Viera Wetlands earlier this year.


Sand Hill Cranes in Flight (HDR)

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Taken at Viera Wetland (Melbourne, Fl), a single image (ISO 100, F22, 1/30, with a Canon 500mm), reproduced for +2/-2 merged in HDR Pro/CS5 then modified in Camera Raw.

Blue Heron, bringing home the nest twigs

Bring nest twigs for the misses!

Dew Drenched Spider Web

Viera Wetlands

Florida Crested Caracara

Only about 400 adult birds residing in Florida. Taken in Viera Wetlands.


Viera Wetlands near Melbourne, Florida

Sandhill Crane, Viera Wetlands, Fl.

Taken at Viera Wetlands, Fl.