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New Photos on my Web

I have added two new photos to my Zenfolio webpage. You can see a new photo of a Hummingbird and a Giant river Otter. The River Otter was taken while staying at the Napo Lodge in the Ecuador Amazon Basin and the Hummingbird was taken while staying in the Cloud Forrest. One at less 200 ft above sea level and the other at 9000 ft above sea level. This is the URL for the photos in the Ecuador


Where have I been? Traveling to Ecuador!!!!

Not many entries over the last month or so, this is a result of a trip to Ecuador with Nate Chappell of TROGON TOURS. I took a 14 day workshop with two friends from our camera club (Coastal Camera Club), our goal was to photograph mammals and birds in the Amazon Basin and the Cloud Forrest in Ecuador.  The trip was a success, many great photos,  check  for a few of the photos.  There is no question, if you can take a trip to that part of the world, take it.  I can’t say enough of Nate’s knowledge of the area and his knowledge of the birds in Ecuador, outstanding. The hummingbirds photo opportunities are increditable.  Traveling to a country like Ecuador will present some challenges but worth the effort. In the 14 days, I shoot 3774 photos.  Upon return, I deleted a little over 1200 photos and have narrow the remaing photos down to a little over 210 photos.  All worthy of posting and photos contest, our camera club has a monthly contest.  All in all a great trip and time with the other two amigos and Nate.