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Rehoboth Sunrise

Another beautiful sunrise day at Rehoboth Beach


Bowers Beach, Bait and Tackle Shop

This is one case where the image was more suited to the "Artistic" look rather than the Realistic view. The colors of the "stuff" in the shop was outstanding. I spent an hour talking with the owner and his wife. He is one of the last captains and crabers in the area. Well worth the time spent there.

Bowers Beach “Junk” and crab pot house

A place to get lost in....


This little fellow had a broken foot and was not able to fly with others. Or at least he did not want to, needs all his capacity to fight with other gulls for food.

Another angle of the Historical Buildings in Lewes, De

The Historical Society has created an area in downtown Lewes and moved historical buildings there. If you have not seen them you need to take the time and really appreciate the effort that went into the move and their efforts preserve the artifacts.

Old Barn in Lewes, De

May be the last barn in Lewes, De city limits... I'm happy to announce this image took First Place in the Landscape category and the People Choice Award in the Lewes, De 2011 Tulip Festive Photo Contest.


This is a HDR shot at sunrise to take advantage of the light.  Photomatix was used to merge three images and tone mapping and CS5/ACR were use for final touch ups.