Turning Point + 1, :)

Old Mill

Pond Early Morning

Woke very early to get out to a spot that I have been want to shoot. Waited for the fog to lift a little than drove and arrived at my location. Took a few photos of the Old Mill, if it red shoot it, and as the sun broke through the clouds and the fog burned off I was able to catch the light on a point near the old mill. Hope you like both shoots, also on Facebook.


Today, is a turning point!

Easter Sunday with family and friends, always a good way to start a day. A friend, which I don’t often see told me today she was amazed at my talent as a photographer. My recent images of India was the subject of her comments. She told me she looks forward to any of my post that contain a photo. She noted that I catch the essence of my subject. I have never thought of myself as an artist, just someone that enjoys taking photos. I read everything I can get my hands on that discusses ways to improve your photography. There are times when I think I read to much and don’t spend enough time taking photos. I now look at everything to see the light and composition as if I was going to take a photo. I now have gotten into the habit of looking at everything from right to left, you would be amazed at how much detail you will see when you do that. I think today is a turning point, less time researching “how to” and more time “doing”. Tomorrow I am going to shoot that water wheel mill that I have driven by dozens of time.

India believe what they say!

Returned from my trip to India, must say that what I heard, read, saw and thought about India is true. However, everybody I met was both friendly and a great representative of India. The trip was both educational and rewarding from a photography point of view. I went there on a mission trip with our church, not knowing what my role would be. But the Lord had a plan, I was teaching the school photographers how to use there equipment, and was helping them shoot the graduation and the grounds for a new video. I had a few hours to get out to neighboring areas to shoot the people and their surroundings. After completing my efforts was able to travel to Agra and visit the Taj Mahal. It is truly one of the seven wonders of the world. As always, was glad to return home. For the two and half weeks I shot over 3300 images, lot of processing work to do, but worth it. I have posted a few of my images on my website, wegorton.wordpress.com check them out.


Many times I have traveled through the fields of Maryland and Delaware, passing rows of sunflowers, telling myself that one day I would stop and take a picture. Well today I finally did just that. I have always been very respectful of other people property and will ask permission to take pictures of their “stuff”, my subjects. Today, I could not find the owner of the field that had the sunflower, so, I stood on the edge of his property and took the shot of the sunflower, using the afternoon sun as the side light, hoping to catch the sun as it reflected its light on the head of the flower.

Sketch of Townsend Barn in Lewes


Never get tired of looking at this barn. I took an old photo and turned it into a sketch.

Expanding my Skills

Over the last couple of weeks I have started using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 as plug-in on LR to transform my color to black and white photos. I must admit it is doing an outstanding job in the conversion. The difficulty is picking the existing and shooting new images that will reflect where I want to go in Black and White photography. I have created a gallery for my B&W in my Zenfolio web page. I also have ventured into the processing world of taking a color photography and converting it into a sketch. I’m using CS5 for this process, and as I would expect, selection of the images is the key. I have discovered that to many highlights can spoil the image, and a good contrast is the key. If you go to my Zenfolio account, http://wegorton.zenfolio.com/, you can catch a glimpse of my efforts on both of these efforts.

May trip to Florida Birding Locations

I just finished a birding trip to Florida, I usually go in Jan. and Fed. Going in May you will not see the subjects/birds you normally do. However, I managed to get some great shots of a subject on my photo bucket list, a wood duck. I also got some shots of a GBH eating a snake, a different GBH with a dragonfly in its mouth and an otter taking a sand bath. All in all a good trip…. Check out my Zenfolio site at: http://wegorton.zenfolio.com/